Links to resources..

On this page you can find links to valuable resources for the following areas:

User feedback on websites:

  • Google Analytics Enterprise-class web analytics
  • User report Survey and feedback – connects with Google analytics in order to enrich your data
  • Zopim Real-time customer satisfaction made simple

Usability testing:

SEO – Search engine optimization:

Optimization Tools:

  • – Lets you do editing and A/B split testing easy and fast – Try it!
  • – Lets you capture your users use of your homepage visually, in order for you to optimize the flow
  • – Unmoderated user testing, gives you great feedback from real users fast

E-Concept development:

  • – Interesting projects that potentially can change the world
  • – A lot of good ideas when you want to develop solutions for e-concepts
  • The fun theory great site with evidence for the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.

 Marketing psychology: